Death Coil Your Ghoul While Holding Alt

Posted December 2nd, 2008 by admin

With this macro, you can cast Death Coil on your Ghoul while holding down the Alt button since Death Coil can’t be used on yourself. You can also use Death Coil normally.

Create this macro and replace your normal Death Coil ability.


/cast [nomodifier] Death Coil; [modifier:alt,target=pet] Death Coil

3 Responses to “Death Coil Your Ghoul While Holding Alt”

  1. Denyal Says:


  2. MythiEUKul`Tiras Says:

    “”since Death Coil can’t be used on yourself”"
    This is wrong. If you use Lichborne, in the frost tree. You can Death Coil yourself. To abuse this to the full you can use the Death Coil Glyph aswell.

    Mythi – Kul`Tiras – EU

  3. Hogosnoki Says:

    Eh- I use Death coil on myself all the time… As long as you use Lichborne first you can use it to heal yourself. and since I’m mostly Blood specced I don’t prefer to heal my minion, lol.
    Great macro for Unholy though =)

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